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7th - 9th JUNE 2024 - Chilthorne Domer, Somerset


If you can't find answers to your questions below, email us and we'll add the info.


For your security, we will be doing bag searches as you enter the festival both through the main and pedestrian entrances. We will also be doing ID checks if we feel it's appropriate to do so. This is a licencing agreement and we thank you in advance for your co-operation.


We use e-ticketing (Ticket Tailor). Our scanners can read the printed tickets (barcodes) and directly from phones too so you don't need to print anything out if you have a phone or a tablet with your e-ticket email (most importantly the barcode). Every barcode is unique and can only be used once so there is no transferring of tickets possible. If the barcode you present has already been used, you will be refused entry, or will need to buy more tickets on the gate (which cost more).

When your barcode has been scanned, you will then be allocated your wristband/s. If you are camping, only Weekender wristbands with Camping on them too allows you entry into the camping/caravanning areas.


Once your tickets have been purchased, under no circumstances will refunds be given. We are running this as a charity event, so please note that this money will be going straight back to our charity, School in a Bag.


We have camping fields specifically for festival goers (a quiet camping area and a group camping area attached to the main site and then a caravan and camper van field a short walk from the main site). ONLY those with camping wristbands will be allowed into the camping areas. There are no vehicles on-site, cars need to be parked in the car park. You ARE NOT permitted to sleep in your car in the car park - this is a huge fire risk and goes against our insurance. Tents and caravans/campers cannot be together for safety reasons, they are in two separate areas.

If you prefer a B&B or hotel then we can recommend the following, but there are many more in the local area:

Halfway house - Chilthorne Domer | Northover Manor - Ilchester | Ilchester Arms - Ilchester


We have a parking field at the festival site, a big field next to the main site so not too far to walk at all! Parking is included in your ticket price so please park here rather than anywhere in the village as it causes blocks. Just to reiterate, it's FREE!


Under no cicumstances are pet dogs are allowed at the festival, for many reasons. However, GUIDE/ALERT DOGS are of course permitted!  (Please let us know in advance if you'll be bringing one so we can let our teams know)


No, sorry - it's the standard 'shower in a can' type festival, or bringing your own festival shower (and no showering in beer is not what we mean!)


No! Open fires, fire pits and BBQs of any kind are NOT permitted due to our license regulations, only portable stoves are allowed (please keep to the small gas cannisters though, we don't want the large ones coming in). Our food vendors provide a cracking array of meals from brekkie, lunch and dinner to snacks in between. Please try them out!


Applications to play at HFF17 are now CLOSED as we have had so many applications! Whilst we listen to every application, we unfortunately cannot guarantee a slot for everyone. We love that so many people are willing to give up their time for our charity, thank you :)


Yes you can! Please note that they are more expensive to buy on the gate on the day/s of the festival so you're better off buying them beforehand if you know you're coming. It's always more fun to make a whole weekend of it though (and works out great value for money) so why not give it a go...!


No. Glass is forbidden for safety reasons. It’s also a working farm throughout the year and we want to keep it clean and lovely.


Yes! We have a special area for camper vans and caravans, but we do have a charge per van for the weekend. This needs to be paid when you book your Weekender camping tickets, so make sure you add it to your basket.

You are allowed one small tent (no more than 2-man) or awning next to your campervan. We do not allow any bigger tents amongst the campervans as it’s deemed an increased fire risk.

We can allow caravans, campervans and motorhomes to be up to 9m long and 5m wide. This size includes an awning, small tent for children or a car. Unfortunately, we can’t accommodate longer vehicles, but if you need extra width, please buy an additional pitch.

Please note: Animals are not allowed onsite, please do not bring animals in your campervan. And you cannot park a campervan in our parking field during the festival.


We do of course ask that you try out the range of fantastic food vendors and our charity-run bars on-site - the reason being is that all proceeds from the festival go to the charity and the vendors fully support us. Please see more below:


We do understand though that a whole weekend eating out, especially as a family, can be expensive, so if you do bring food in, please do it discreetly and in the form of snacks rather than a McDonalds or Burger King etc. If you are bringing some food in, we ask that you respect our food vendors and eat at least one of your meals a day from them.


At our last festival we introduced a new alcohol rule, bringing us in-line with many other festivals. Our main arena (the whole inside area where the festival runs) is NOT allowed to have alcohol brought in, and there will be bag searches at each entry point. You are however allowed alcohol (within reason) into the camping areas, but are ONLY permitted in there if you have a camping wristband. Our bar prices are way lower than the average festival prices and as we run them, 100% of the profits go back to our charity, School in a Bag.

Only sealed bottles will be allowed in via the entry points (we have running water on-site and water at the bars so water bottles can be easily filled up).


Yes. Our taxi drop-off and pick-up area is from our car park, which is outside the main entrance to the actual festival so ALL taxis will be asked to meet you there in a designated pick-up/drop-off area. We will not be allowing taxis to pick up from Main Street as it's too dangerous with pedestrians leaving the festival site and so that we can be mindful of the local residents. Entry to the car park is free and you will then carry on our one-way system to Chilthorne Hill Lane and out onto Tintinhull Road


Yes. We can accommodate wheelchairs but knowing in advance if you're bringing one would really help as we can then reserve you a parking space nearer the entrance and anything else you may need to make your Home Farm Fest experience as enjoyable as possible. We allow GUIDE/ALERT DOGS but again need to know in advance, and also have a disabled toilet. Please be aware though that the majority of the festival is grass so if it's wet, it may be more tricky for a wheelchair depending on its capabilities.

We also have a designated camping area for those with disabilities. Please contact us if you'd like to speak about using it (it's still a basic grass area, but you can park your vehicle next to it) as you won't be able to turn up on the day and camp there - there is limited capacity so we need to manage it properly.

Carers get in FREE if accompanying a person with a disability who has a ticket. We need proof of the purchased ticket (emailed screenshot or order number) and proof of your Carer's ID card emailed. Please contact us in advance to go through this process with us by emailing us here


No, it's all about being one with nature for the weekend :)


We have the following:

  • 8 stages showcasing amazing talent across a wide range of music genres
  • 5 Bars including a local Somerset cider and beer tent - all of these are run by the charity, using volunteers
  • Food stalls – Burgers, Thai, vegan & vegetarian, pizza, fish & chips, doughnuts, bagels, ice cream and cake (lots of great, homemade cake!)
  • A market area with lots of lovely stalls - please see the Traders page if you'd like to be a part of this, or want to plan your shopping in advance...!
  • First Aid and Paramedics
  • 24-hour Security
  • Merchandise - don't forget to buy your limited edition Home Farm Fest hoodie or tee!
  • The chance to pack your own SchoolBag (£20) and learn what the festival's really all about
  • On-site card payment facilities - every bar can take card payments as well as our shop
  • Cashback facility in the School in a Bag shop
  • Toilets - portable loos and urinals, plus a disabled toilet. These are kept fantastically clean and stocked with loo roll, by our amazing Poo Patrol team!
  • Children's entertainment and areas - run by the fantastic PlayArt Education team
  • Dodgems and inflatables
  • A big wheel - see the festival site from a whole different angle!
  • Axe throwing - of course...
  • Reptiles - overcome your fears or discover a love of snakes, spiders and reptiles with the fab GRAB team!
  • Our own Village Green area


Yes. For the first time, we are being supported by Reach, who are specialists in welfare and trained in social and emotional support. Our Welfare Area, based near our medical team, in The Domer arena, will also be our key location for lost children so pease if you have any children in your party, show them where this gazebo is, and point out our stewards in yellow or pink hi-vis, in case you are separated for any reason during the weekend. The team, alongside our stewards, will work as quickly as possible to repatriate any families.


The gates will open at 4pm on Friday 7th June 2024 - NO entry will be allowed before this time, even for those camping. The festival finishes at 9pm on Sunday 9h June. We are allowing those with camping tickets to stay on the Sunday night as well, but you will need to leave the site by 10am on Monday 10th June (unless you want to join us in the huge clean-up operation...!)

If you have day tickets, arrival and departure times are:

Friday 7th June - 4pm - midnight

Saturday 8th June - 10am - midnight  (unless you are doing the HFF Run, in which case you'll be allowed on-site at 9am)

Sunday 9th June - 10am - 7.00pm (last entry in on Sunday is 4pm)

The gates will open at 4pm on Friday 7th June 2024 


CARS - you need to enter the festival via Main Street and you'll the be guided to the car park

CARAVANS - you need to enter the festival via CHilthorne Hill Lane and you'll be guided to the camper van/caravan field

Postcode for the farm is BA22 8RD


  • Email with ticket/s (we need the barcode to scan otherwise you won't get in)
  • Money (we do have a cashback facility on site as well)
  • Camera (for personal use only)
  • Mobile Phone and mobile charging unit
  • Tent if you’re camping - these need to have been paid for beforehand
  • Sun Cream and a hat (hopefully!)
  • Posh frocks/DJs and wellies for Friday 9th!
  • Any medications that you need
  • ID if you think you may need it - you won't be served without it if there are any discrepancies with the bar staff

Only bring what you can afford to lose.

We would encourage you not to bring anything that would cause unnecessary rubbish.

Remember when packing that glass is NOT allowed at the festival for safety reasons.

Please clean up after yourself - we're only a small team and have plenty to be getting on with without having to clear-up after others...

Have a brilliant weekend!


Remember when packing to come to the festival the following things that are not allowed. Your bag may be searched at the entrances.


  • Glass - no glass is allowed anywhere onsite for safety reasons. Please think when packing. If you have any glass bottles, you need to decant to something else.
  • Illegal substances
  • Nitrous Oxide (nos cannisters)
  • Portable Laser Equipment and Pens
  • Drones - there will be our fully licensed drone filming at various times during the festival, and this is the only one that is authorised to fly over our land
  • Megaphones and Air Horns
  • Spray Cans
  • Fireworks or flares
  • Chinese or Sky Lanterns
  • No open fires, no fire pits, no bbqs - small camping stoves are ok
  • Any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
  • Animals (other than registered guide or hearing dogs)
  • Sound systems
  • Unofficial tabards or reflective jackets
  • Unauthorised items for trading, including any goods using unauthorised event logos

All the above items will be confiscated. Anyone resisting confiscation of disallowed


If this is your first festival, welcome - it's great for us it's at HFF! If you're unsure about what it may be like, do a bit of research, watch our videos of pst years to get an idea, make sure you look at the map so you know roughly where things are (inlcuding things like the toilets and medical/security locations). Whilst HFF is a small festival, it can still be disorientating if you're in a big crowd. For more general info about preparing for a festival, take a read of Festival Safe's website HERE


We cannot be held responsible for anyone at the festival, therefore ALL children under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a responsible parent/guardian over the age of 21 years who is on-site for the duration of their time at the festival. Anyone under 18 trying to enter the festival without an adult will be denied entry and asked to leave. If this happens, we accept no responsibility and the underage entrant is solely responsible for getting themselves collected and off-site. One over 21 year old can only be responsible for up to FOUR under 18s.


Taking photos and producing an annual festival film is integral to running Home Farm Fest and we use them for marketing and promotion throughout the year. We therefore have several official photographers and a film crew on-site throughout the festival weekend who are all marked with Media lanyards and hi vis jackets (and their camers too of course!). The image and footage become our property to use as we see fit. Please let us know if you see any images you don't want used by emailing us


Yes! We have a bike rack by the pedestrain entrance where you can lock your bike. Please note they are left there at your own risk.


Yes! There are places on-site to do this


Home Farm Fest is an open air non-seated event but please feel free to bring camping chairs/picnic blankets.


All public and working enclosed spaces onsite are no smoking, including all tents and marquees onsite, plus the WHOLE of the Children's Area, Wellness Area and WildPlay Area. This includes e-cigarettes/vapes.

If you do smoke, please use the bins to dispose of your cigarette ends and be respectful of others around you, as breathing in other people's smoke isn't nice. Please remember, it's a working farm and picking up other people's cigarette butts isn't fun...


Bar staff will ask for proof of age whenever a customer appears to be under 25 - so if you think there is a chance you may be asked, best bring some photo ID and get it ready to show as you go to buy your drink.

It is down to you to prove that you are over 18 and you will need to do this before you are able to buy alcohol. DO NOT buy alcohol for any one under age as anyone caught drinking who cannot prove their over 18, will be immediately removed from the festival site by our security staff. The person responsible for them will also be removed.

Forms of ID that can be accepted are:

  • Full or provisional photo card driving licence issued by the DVLA
  • Passport
  • Citizen Card

We hope you respect the way we run our festival. We do it because we love it and so do the people that come along, so please don't be the one to spoil it.

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